Saturday, January 31, 2009

Praise the Lord for He alone is good!!!

Praise the LORD for He alone is good. Okay...catch my breath. Here is how it went down. Last night, Jackie and I are in the room with our three boys eating some deliciuos Frito pie. Jackie leaves the room to go wash a bowl, and Nate starts fussing and acting aggitated. Jake is sitting in a chair near the bed and asks him what is bothering him. I was there, I saw it, he responds to Jake by puckering his lips and showing lots of effort...and out comes "MaaaaaMaa". I jump up off of the couch in the room, try to get him to do it again and he would not. Jackie comes back in the room, we all celebrate, and then I suggest we do something. So Jackie loves up on him, then leaves the room again. Bingo, he does it again two more times. Words can not describe how excited we all got. Y'all...some doctors believed he may not ever speak again...ever. GOD IS BIGGER THAN TUMORS, CANCER, AND DOCTORS!!! This is not at all to be disrespectful, because we are around a lot of really great people...but the key word here is just that...people. I believe from the bottom of my heart, that God is showing us these things to say...DO NOT DOUBT ME, YOUR SON WILL DO GREAT THINGS FOR ME WITH HIS LIFE, HE IS IN MY HANDS. Today he went to the playroom again with Jackie and played Wii baseball and bowling with the help Jackie, made me a Valentine (which he was absolutely beaming when he gave it to me), had two of the three feeding tubes taken out (so now all that is hooked up to him at all is the one feeding tube), took several wagon rides, gives constant hugs, started play jokes again, and tried to say some of his colors. Guys, his progress this week has been through the roof. Thank you so much for your prayers. PLease keep going, I see it working every day. Please pray for his continued speaking, for him to learn to walk again, and for the cancer to disappear...gone...nada...zilch. Jackie and I feel the love coming from you all every day and truly are appreciative for all of your hard work. GOD IS AWESOME. We love you all.

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