Monday, December 22, 2008

How to Help

Sometimes, the first response when hearing about a situation like Nate's is the desire to help. Nate's family asks that if you feel this desire, please join them in praying for Nate. Pray, fast, and cry out to God for healing for little Nate. Going before God on behalf of Nate is the best thing that you can do.

There is no denying that medical care, especially extended stays in the ICU, will be financially draining and stressful to a family. Many people have asked for a way to help relieve some of the financial strain on the Oxfords, so a fund has been created for Nate at Washington Mutual. The account number/name is #4942119193 Jacqueline M. Oxford FBO Nathan E. Oxford.

iPray for Nate t-shirts
Many have asked about how to order the “iPray for Little Nate” T-Shirts. You can order these directly from Lana Moore at or message her directly through Facebook.

At the request of the Oxford family, the price of the T-Shirts has been reduced to $10 just to cover the cost of the T-Shirts & shipping so that these can be available to everyone to help spread the word to pray for Nate.

The T-Shirts are blue with white lettering.
Front: iPray
Back: for Little Nate (with the below)
Adult sizes: S M L XL XXL $10.00
Children sizes: S M L $10.00
If you want your T-shirt ready for pick up at the Benefit Night, please send $ to Lana before Feb 1st. Please contact Lana by email so that you can make sure and get yours for the benefit! If you cannot make it to the Benefit Night, then we can mail you your shirts to you at no additional cost.

Our continued prayer is that Nate will be completely healed and God will be completely glorified.


  1. I was so upset when I heard about Nate and what the Oxford Family is going through. I could not begin to understand what pain they must be experiencing. I wish I could say or do something that would help them, however I no that there is no such thing. Mrs. Oxford was my daughter Madison Morris's second grade teacher at Rutherford. Mrs. Oxford was pregnant with Nate that same year. What a wonderful family, I would like to say that My family and I are joining the "I Pray for Nate" cause.

  2. I am some what at a loss for words, no words are comforting enough. Jackie as a mother I can not imagine how you are feeling, and as your sister I wish I could console you. Since I found out about Nate I have asked everyone I come in contact with to please pray for him. The only real comfort is knowing that what is impossible for man is no challenge for God! You were the first person to take me to church on a regular basis, a rock, a witness, a faith builder for me when I knew very little about the lord or his word. I know with all my heart that Jesus has heard your prayers and pleas and is manifesting a miracle! The lord knew that Nate would need you and that you would be that praying warrior! You have always been someone that I could look up to and respect, I love you, and I am very proud that you are my big sister. I extend all my best wishes to you, Wes, and the boys. I would love to hear from you if you get a chance. Again I love ya'll and I am faithfully believing in your miracle!!!
    Brandy Gayle

  3. My love and prayers are with you. I hope he makes a full recovery as he seems such a beautiful little soul.