Monday, January 19, 2009

God is Faithful!

Wes just provided this update and wanted to pass along. Let us continue our prayers for Nate. God is faithful.

"Nate had a fairly stable day today. Last night he was very restless and agitated, but today Jackie said he seemed better. I am here now, the boys and Jackie just left after our switch. He did get a blood transfusion today and is running a slight fever, but these are things that are expected with chemo. The nausea seems okay right now. He did wave his head to answer “no” starting last night with Jake (no one else could get him to answer anything for days) and Jackie said he did it a couple of times today again with the physical therapist. I know this is small, but when you have not seem him nod or wave his head for close to a week, it makes you excited. Now hopefully he will begin to talk again. They did clamp his brain pressure tube again to get a more true reading on his pressures in the brain to let them know if he is going to ultimately have to have a shunt. (Please pray that he does not and that the pressures stay within the normal range—a shunt brings in more possible complications). They are keeping him here in ICU indefinitely due to all of the complications he has displayed in the past. He still has a lot of things going that are very rocky, but right now seems to be more stable than in the days past. We know God is watching and listening to us all. More chemo is coming Thursday. Pray for the cancer to go away and for a complete healing. There are so many of you who have displayed so much love to my family. I want you to know that I truly am thankful and moved by what you have done. I pray that God will bless you in your life beyond imagination and show you the full extent of HIS love. God bless."

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  1. Hi Guys-
    My sons are at the Ark and we are in Sunday school with Ty and Andrea Henderson at FUMC and we have all been following your quest for recovery. We are certainly praying for your family and sharing your story with all we come in contact with. -Jason Pardue