Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Improvements! Praise the Lord!

Wes just provided this most recent update.

"Nate had a great day yesterday. He went down to the gym at Children's for the first time. There he was put onto a swing that extended from the ceiling where he had to lay flat on his stomach. On the swing (a falt square hanging from ropes) he had to use his arms to walk the swing forward far enough to knock over foam towers. This worked great to strenghthen his neck and upper body muscles. He also was strapped into a device called a LiteGate that is put around the waist and buckled into straps extending from bars above your ahead. This piece of equipment allows you to go through the motions of walking again without having to worry about your body weight. It looks loke a big bouncy seat that you stand up in. He did very well with both of them. He worked out for about two hours straight in addition to going to the playroom again and putting together more crafts and playing with the toys. He is getting stronger every day and is very eager to get back to where he was. He also said mama again and is being very cooperative with speech therapy and everything they have him doing. It looks like we will stay at Children's at least another week, because they are going ahead and pressing forward ahead of time with more chemo since he is doing good and does not need recovery time. In fact, today he is starting the chemo cycle over again. The first drug he took was Methatrexate. He will get that this evening. It runs for 24 hours through an IV. Then there are three days of flush. As you will remember, the flush is what sent us to ICU last time. Please pray for his body to flush the drug out like it is suppose to this time and for his levels to stay where they need to be (last time his sodium dropped to coma level). he has made so much progress and we do not want to see any setbacks. Thanks again for everything you all are doing. We appreciate you all."

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  1. my prayers are with you daily after reading the article about nate this morning. 30 years ago this easter, my daughter amie was dx with the same cancer and she had just turned 3 years. chemo was only a back up then and it made her the same with the sodium drop and everything. radiation was the primary therapy then. please find the ray of sunshine everyday that is there and keep your faith. if you just want to talk, i have been there. nate is with my family's prayers everday. my email is and i live in mckinney, texas. at the time of amie's dx. i lived in louisiana and she was treated in houston. take care and God bless your nate and your family.
    kristie kaspar