Monday, January 12, 2009

Still in ICU, God is in control!

Wes provided this most recent update just minutest ago. "Nate is still in ICU indefinitely. We are finding out that due to the level of aggression and the rarity of the disease at his age, there are simply lots of complications that have occurred that the doctors have not seen before in patients. His blood pressure is up so he is on medicine for that, he still is on the ventilator for the lungs, they reinstalled the tube in his scalp to relieve pressure on the brain, he is still on a feeding tube down his throat and into his intestines, he has been sedated all last night and today to keep all of these things from irritating him, he is having difficulty clearing the chemo from his body, and they said today that the new MRI said the tumors are growing. We can look at things like this in life and take many different approaches. Jackie and I choose to have faith in God. I truly believe that this is so peculiar that only by a miracle of God will this be healed. Those of you who know Nate, know that he was an active and very personable little guy and then out of nowhere…boom. Please now more than ever cry out to our LORD, for with HIM nothing is impossible. God is good, He hears our cries, and we feel comforted by that. Read 1 Samuel chapters 1 through 3. Dedicate your children to the LORD and let HIM do great things with them, what better hands could they be in? Nate will be fine"
Please be in continual prayer asking for God's sustaining help.

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