Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Unplanned visit to the ICU

I wanted to provide this update with some of the latest information that Wes provided this morning. Nate was placed in ICU yesterday with a major situation being caused by the feeding tube. His heart rate had increased and he was struggling to breath. Thankfully he is now stable again. It was determined that the feeding tube was causing a drowning effect. They determined what was causing this situation and were able to resolve it. Now it looks like Nate will begin Chemo in the next 24-48 hours depending on his heart rate and breathing being under control.

The Oxfords are very grateful for the outpouring of love they have seen these past weeks. Please at this time, no visitors or calls except from immediate family. Many have sent email messages to them and they have been receiving these with scriptures, testimonies and prayers for them. They are thankful for these messages of love and want all to know how encouraging they have been and how needed these words are at this time.

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