Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Lord hears our prayers!

Today and yesterday have been very eventful for Nate. He now does physical, occupational, speech, play, and music therapy in an attempt to get him back to where he was. It is truly amazing to see his advancements. We are still a long way from going home, but he is making strides toward getting there. We do know this, in the not so far off future Nate will be going back and forth between Baylor’s Our Children’s House and here at Children’s. This will probably happen early next week. Our Children’s House at Baylor University’s Medical Center here in Dallas is supposed to be one of the top inpatient physical and speech therapy rehabilitation centers in the country. It is a very cool concept. There are around 40 rooms at the facility and their primary focus everyday is getting the patient as mobile and speaking as well as possible after a trauma event or, as in Nate’s case, multiple tumors. The oncology team here at Children’s that is working with Nate has strong hope that Nate can get back to the active child he was before. They are making this move because they believe the program at Baylor can help him get back that way much quicker than they can since it is totally focused on the therapy side. He will be inpatient (living there), so it is a very active regimen involving gym and specialized room activities. Dr. Bowers and the other oncologists here at Children’s said they did not expect him to be able to bounce back from the paralysis and altered state of mind so quickly after he slipped into it the past couple of weeks. They said usually it takes much longer, if at all, to get to this stage…praise God for HIS power. The way it will work is he will go to Our Children’s House on the days he is not getting chemo, which is sometimes one day, sometimes two, and other times four or five. He will be transported by either by Children’s or Baylor’s mini bus which is about a 10 to 15 min ride from here. If something happened that required an emergency medical need, they could take care of him long enough to get him back over here. All chemo will be administered within Children’s and he will continue to do his physical and therapies here at Children’s also while here. In the next few days, prior to going over there, he will be taken off of all monitors to allow for more mobility. He is also swallowing better so as soon as he can get that down better, we can start to talk about removal of the feeding tube and going back to food by mouth. Of course, we are so thankful to The LORD and to all of you for the prayers. We are in the middle of a fight, and Nate is swinging more and more punches every day. Do not give up your prayers and efforts, this is going to bigger than we could have even imagined. We have so much faith right now. God is so good. Read Luke 18:8, I want to be found to have faith, choose me LORD, I will have faith in YOU, I will be persistent. May you find peace in the LORD that I serve, for HE is worthy of praise.

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