Thursday, July 29, 2010

"The final results from the MRI have been written and Nate has some new tumor in his brain, the lumbar puncture also showed cancer cells in his spinal fluid. Nate's team of doctors met today to discuss what would be best for Nate at this point. We have two options, proceed with the transplant and make some adjustments to the chemo or go home. We are planning on moving forward with the transplant. I wish you all could see him laughing and playing. Today we went to the park after his doctor appointment, he and Luke were looking for the ice cream man. Nate was saying, " Oh Mr. Ice Cream man come out,come out where ever you are." Then he got mad when I wouldn't let him play on the playground by himself. These things are not special in anyway, but served as a gentle reminder to me that he is still a regular 4 year old boy. Also, some of you may be aware but mailing address has changed to room #30 Oxford Family 4560 Fountain Ave Room #30 Los Angeles, CA 90029. Please pray for wisdom and strength as we move forward." from Jackie

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Nate's doctor just sent Wes an email and the preliminary results from the MRI are CLEAR!!!! We are very excited and thanking God for the good news. Nate still has two very important tests that are checking for tumor. He has a biopsy tomorrow and the date of the PET scan is unknown. We will not get the biopsy results for several days, but I just wanted to share this good news today.
We have been lowering the dose of his pain medicine gradually and he seems to be doing well. Yesterday Nate looked and felt so good, I asked him how he was feeling. He said, "mommy I don't hurt anywhere." It has been months since he has been totally free of pain.
We have many tough days ahead and this battle is far from over for Nate, but today we are rejoicing! Love to you all!" From Jackie

Monday, July 19, 2010

"Nate's doctor called us this afternoon and he is pleased with the results from Friday's scans. They weren't totally clear, but there seems to be logical reasons for the spots that showed on the scans. This was the first of three tests. He will have an MRI next Tuesday and then a marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture next Wednesday. These will complete the tests that are checking for remaining tumor. We are thankful that the scans seem to be good and the doctor feels we are still on track for transplant next month. In the mean time, Nate is having a series of tests checking his organ function as he approaches transplant. We are staying busy with doctor appointments and tests. He is finally gaining weight and healing well after last week's surgery. Thank you for your continued prayers!!!!!!" From Jackie

Friday, July 16, 2010

Nate has had a very intense week. Wes and I have had several conversations about how strong and determined our little guy is on a daily basis. Things have not gone exactly as planned, but we are still on track. The treatment is built around Nate's response so we change as his body does or does not cooperate. He has a pet-scan today. Please pray for great results. The doctors are looking for any tumor that may still be on the bones. God always takes care of our needs. We have a friend in town this week and she took care of Jake and Luke so they did not have to endure the long days at the hospital this week. We appreciate her so much! From Jackie

Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Nate is going to have his line placed on Tuesday and should have his stem cells harvested after that. The doctors are taking Nate's cells just for back up. The plan is to transplant with Jake's marrow. Jake should be harvested soon after Nate. We are still continuing with tests in preparation for the transplant next month. Nate is feeling great and has a good energy level. He is struggling to keep his weight up right now. He has lost weight and it is somewhat of a concern since we know weight will be an issue during transplant. The last couple of days he has started to eat more and we are praying this trend continues. We are happy with the progress and are continuing to pray for God's hand to be on Nate and the doctors. We are thankful for the support and prayers that we feel during this time. We are continually amazed by the love that we are shown by family, friends, and strangers. We have had an opportunity to meet some wonderful people here at the Ronald McDonald House. We all have a different story but share the common bond of a sick child. I am constantly reminded that even in the middle of our storm we are not alone and there are many who face similar pain and uncertainly, but God is holding us all. I pray you all have a blessed week and see God's grace and mercy each day." From Jackie

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Nate went to the doctor today, he has officially finished this round of chemo. So now the wait begins for recovery and pre-transplant tests. The entire process from now through transplant is very intense and tedious. We are so encouraged by Nate's continued strength and determination each day. We are also amazed by Jake as he is so brave and willing to give his brother his stem cells. When we talk to him about the process, he always says he just wants Nate to get well and he is glad he gets to be the donor. Wes and I are so blessed with three amazing sons. Please pray for Nate and Jake in the coming weeks as we move closer to the transplant." From Jackie