Monday, October 11, 2010

Update from Jackie

"Nate has had a good week. His counts are continuing to trend upward, which is a good sign of recovery. The next big step is for him to start eating and drinking again. He is only taking sips at this point. His legs are very tight and weak because he has been in bed for several weeks and has gotten such intense treatment. Our prayer is for him to continue to get stronger everyday and make progress in these areas. Of course there is always the concern for infections and complications from the transplant, but he seems to be doing really well overall. We continue to be amazed and inspired by all the support for our family and Nate. Much Love, Jackie"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nate Update

Thanks to everyone for the continued prayers for Nate. The doctors treating Nate have been very pleased with his progress following the stem cell treatment. Tomorrow Nate will undergo a test to make sure that the cells have grafted like they are supposed to. His counts continue to improve daily and symptoms continue to improve as well. Please continue your prayers for Nate that his improvement would continue and the tests would go well.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Please pray for Nate. After having an echocardiogram today, it has been determined that Nate has an infection at the end of the central line that goes into his heart and it is believed that he now has a heart infection. His heart rate and blood pressure are both high. This is very frustrating, please pray that the infection is cleared without any heart damage. We know God hears our prayers and we thank you for continuing to pray. We will know more in the morning after speaking to the oncologist, infectious disease, and cardiology. He also spiked a fever today and his mouth is very nasty with lesions in it all over.~ Wes"

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Jake is out of hospital, a little sore, but doing great. Nate is suffering from lots of side effects from the chemo and the transplant (we knew it would be rough). His blood pressure is running high, he has off and on fevers, he has another infection in his line, he itches all over, his skin is bright red with dark red and white splotches all over, he twitches terribly and shakes in his sleep which is hard for him to do, his rear and mouth have sores all over them, and he has severe mucositis which is a crazy condition where from your throat to the inside of your intestines produce extra mucus because you have no immune system and it causes you to literally poop bright green liquid snot and blood frequently and makes it very difficult to talk, on top of all that he can't eat because he is nauseous. Even with all of that going on he has a good attitude and laughed at a clown who performed through the shield for the room and got down and did his physical therapy and played very good today. Nate wants to make it, I have never witnessed anyone with such a will to live. God is great and has done so much in our lives, we are so grateful. Thank you for all of your support and prayers. Please continue, we know that is what gets us through each day. Nate will understand all of this one day and will know that so many people took the time to love him, he already knows to some extent, but we will always make sure that he knows that many have loved him and much love should be shown by him to his LORD and to the world. Thanks-Wes."
"Jake's surgery went as planned for the bone marrow harvest. Jake is an amazing little man. He was laughing with Wes and Luke while waiting this morning. He was so calm and visited with the doctors as they put him to sleep for the procedure. We and I are so proud of him and the strength God has given him. He has been throwing up from the meds. He will spend the night in the hospital just for routine observation and pain control. Nate is currently getting the transplant. It is about a four hour process to infuse the new marrow. He has been dealing with the effects of the chemo and in the coming days he will be dealing with the side effects of transplant as well. The doctors have let us know that the week or two after transplant are usually very difficult days. Today has been a very emotional day as we have traveled back and forth between Jake and Nate's hospital rooms, but to quote Nate's doctor,"today is a blessed day." So many days we weren't sure if we would make it to this point, and although it is not over we rejoice for the opportunity to continue this journey. Love to you all!!!!"~ From Jackie

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nate update today was the big day for transplant. Thanks for all the prayers and to God for making this possible. Please pray for both Nate and Jake. Big brother helping little brother forever. Jake came out of two hour surgery nauseous and wore out and has been throwing up and asleep most of today. Nate has been getting the five hour transplant since 1pm Pacific time. He is steady and they have lots of people gathered around him. So far all is okay. The next 14 days are critical to make sure his body accepts Jake's cells and starts to produce his own. Until then we have been warned to see Nate go through lots of crazy side effects. Thanks for the continued prayers. I will keep all informed. ~ From Wes

Monday, August 30, 2010

"Nate went in for labs today and his counts are trending upward. We are thankful for this and pray for full recovery quickly. He got out of the hospital on Friday and has enjoyed being with his brothers. We were so blessed tonight to watch Nate in his walker along with a group of kids here at the Ronald McDonald House, run and play hide and seek. Nate was yelling and laughing with excitement and we looked on in awe of our God who has given this child such strength and joy.
We have received so many cards, emails and packages since we have been in California. I read Nate every card and he knows so many people around the world are praying for him. Over the last month I have not sent out thank you cards, and I must confess I have gotten confused at this point. Those of you who know me will not find that surprising :) Wes and I are humbled and pray for all who are on this journey with us. Thank you for the encouragement and love you all have shown to us in so many different ways."

Update from Wes

"Please report that final report is clear, no cancer. Amen, praise God. Right now have everyone pray for #s to rise quickly so we can start. The day his #s rise high enough, he starts so it could be any day. Wes Oxford"

Friday, August 27, 2010

Update from Wes

"Because many are wondering, here is the update so far. All tests have come back clear so far. The final cultures will be in by Monday. Please continue to pray, God bless. Many great things continue to happen, let's keep praying. Wes Oxford"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prayer Request

"Please pray for Nate tomorrow morning he is having both a lumbar puncture and a bone biopsy to check for any cancer. If there is any, then treatment is over and we go home. This is the final step before transplant can be done, which should start on Monday. This has been a long road and we have to make this hurdle to get to transplant. Thank you for your prayers and we know that God is with us. Wes Oxford"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Praise God for HE is an awesome God. The final report on today's MRI is clear, no detectable cancer in the brain or spine. We rejoice in this and thank all of you for the prayers. There is a couple of twists the doctor told us today that we have to overcome before proceeding with the transplant. The first is Nate's numbers have to recovery and relatively soon. He has been at an overall number of 0, essentially a very low immune system, for over a week now. If it were not for the fact that he is on heavy antibiotics continuously here in the hospital to clear his infection, he would not be able to fight off other infections at this time. He received so much chemo a couple of weeks ago to get rid of the brain cancer that it wrecked his immune system and counts. We are getting into a very dangerous area if it does not come up by this weekend the doctor said. The other hurdle is the need for a clear lumbar puncture, which can't be performed until his numbers come up. The lumber puncture is what caught the cancer last time, without a clear one, treatment halts and we could go home. I know that was a lot to say, but for today the fight stays on track and we have much to rejoice in. I have to be honest, I was worried about today. Nate had been complaining about things he had complained about in the past that showed up on MRIs as tumor, but God had mercy on him and us. I have a strong belief in the abilities of God, many times I am confused on why and where all of this is going but I know that HE is the one in control. I know we have a long way to go and possibly might have to go through things that have never been attempted before, but I feel at peace today and I truly stand in a healthy fear of the LORD, for all of us are in HIS hands and HE can choose to do with us as HE pleases whether we realize or accept it , and as odd as it sounds, that is just fine with me because I believe HE has some awesome things in store ahead and this is all just part of the plan. May you find strength in knowing Jesus as your friend also and not just your savior, you will need HIM one day to help you in ways that no one else can, God bless you all. Wes"

Monday, August 16, 2010

"Tomorrow, the 17th, is the big MRI. If it is clear then treatment goes on, if it is not then we go home. Thank you for all the prayers and support you all have given us. Please gather with us and others and cry out to our loving father in heaven and ask for another miracle regarding Nate. Lately he has been showing some symptoms that indicate disease progression, but we know that this is all in our LORD'S hands and HE can do anything. Today please wherever you are say a prayer for Nate that he is clear of disease and will live a long life on this earth showing others what GOD can do. I pray also that no matter what your circumstance in life is right now, whether high or low, you find peace and understanding in the scriptures that our LORD has given us and ask guidance from the giver of all good things our savior Jesus Christ. May God be with you, Wes."

Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Nate was admitted to the hospital yesterday with a fever. He needed two transfusions along with antibiotics. His fever has not broken yet. His blood work does show he has an infection, if the fever continues they will add in another antibiotic. Please pray for his counts to recover quickly and that this will be a short stay. He has been feeling very good and was sad when he realized he had to stay at the hospital." from Jackie

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nate is currently getting one more round of chemo before the transplant. He has been in the hospital since Monday and will finish chemo on Friday. The doctors feel strongly that we need to make sure this newest development in his brain responds to chemo prior to transplant. He will have a break next week from chemo (as always still many doctors appts). The following week the brain scan along with the lumbar puncture will be repeated. If he shows a positive response then we will proceed with transplant. As I have said before this treatment is built around Nate, so things do change often. Thank you for your continued prayers and support!" From Jackie

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"The final results from the MRI have been written and Nate has some new tumor in his brain, the lumbar puncture also showed cancer cells in his spinal fluid. Nate's team of doctors met today to discuss what would be best for Nate at this point. We have two options, proceed with the transplant and make some adjustments to the chemo or go home. We are planning on moving forward with the transplant. I wish you all could see him laughing and playing. Today we went to the park after his doctor appointment, he and Luke were looking for the ice cream man. Nate was saying, " Oh Mr. Ice Cream man come out,come out where ever you are." Then he got mad when I wouldn't let him play on the playground by himself. These things are not special in anyway, but served as a gentle reminder to me that he is still a regular 4 year old boy. Also, some of you may be aware but mailing address has changed to room #30 Oxford Family 4560 Fountain Ave Room #30 Los Angeles, CA 90029. Please pray for wisdom and strength as we move forward." from Jackie

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Nate's doctor just sent Wes an email and the preliminary results from the MRI are CLEAR!!!! We are very excited and thanking God for the good news. Nate still has two very important tests that are checking for tumor. He has a biopsy tomorrow and the date of the PET scan is unknown. We will not get the biopsy results for several days, but I just wanted to share this good news today.
We have been lowering the dose of his pain medicine gradually and he seems to be doing well. Yesterday Nate looked and felt so good, I asked him how he was feeling. He said, "mommy I don't hurt anywhere." It has been months since he has been totally free of pain.
We have many tough days ahead and this battle is far from over for Nate, but today we are rejoicing! Love to you all!" From Jackie

Monday, July 19, 2010

"Nate's doctor called us this afternoon and he is pleased with the results from Friday's scans. They weren't totally clear, but there seems to be logical reasons for the spots that showed on the scans. This was the first of three tests. He will have an MRI next Tuesday and then a marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture next Wednesday. These will complete the tests that are checking for remaining tumor. We are thankful that the scans seem to be good and the doctor feels we are still on track for transplant next month. In the mean time, Nate is having a series of tests checking his organ function as he approaches transplant. We are staying busy with doctor appointments and tests. He is finally gaining weight and healing well after last week's surgery. Thank you for your continued prayers!!!!!!" From Jackie

Friday, July 16, 2010

Nate has had a very intense week. Wes and I have had several conversations about how strong and determined our little guy is on a daily basis. Things have not gone exactly as planned, but we are still on track. The treatment is built around Nate's response so we change as his body does or does not cooperate. He has a pet-scan today. Please pray for great results. The doctors are looking for any tumor that may still be on the bones. God always takes care of our needs. We have a friend in town this week and she took care of Jake and Luke so they did not have to endure the long days at the hospital this week. We appreciate her so much! From Jackie

Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Nate is going to have his line placed on Tuesday and should have his stem cells harvested after that. The doctors are taking Nate's cells just for back up. The plan is to transplant with Jake's marrow. Jake should be harvested soon after Nate. We are still continuing with tests in preparation for the transplant next month. Nate is feeling great and has a good energy level. He is struggling to keep his weight up right now. He has lost weight and it is somewhat of a concern since we know weight will be an issue during transplant. The last couple of days he has started to eat more and we are praying this trend continues. We are happy with the progress and are continuing to pray for God's hand to be on Nate and the doctors. We are thankful for the support and prayers that we feel during this time. We are continually amazed by the love that we are shown by family, friends, and strangers. We have had an opportunity to meet some wonderful people here at the Ronald McDonald House. We all have a different story but share the common bond of a sick child. I am constantly reminded that even in the middle of our storm we are not alone and there are many who face similar pain and uncertainly, but God is holding us all. I pray you all have a blessed week and see God's grace and mercy each day." From Jackie

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Nate went to the doctor today, he has officially finished this round of chemo. So now the wait begins for recovery and pre-transplant tests. The entire process from now through transplant is very intense and tedious. We are so encouraged by Nate's continued strength and determination each day. We are also amazed by Jake as he is so brave and willing to give his brother his stem cells. When we talk to him about the process, he always says he just wants Nate to get well and he is glad he gets to be the donor. Wes and I are so blessed with three amazing sons. Please pray for Nate and Jake in the coming weeks as we move closer to the transplant." From Jackie

Monday, June 28, 2010

"We had some minor bumps this week, but all was corrected quickly and Nate actually started round two of chemo. He got out of the hospital this morning and has 4 days left in this cycle. July should be a very busy month. He will first drop, then once his counts recover the plan is to move forward with his stem cell harvest. I will spare you all the details, but Nate will be involved in the harvest, another bone marrow biopsy and bone scans in the coming weeks. Using all of the information gathered we will be making final decisions as to what route to go with the transplant. Jake will also be harvested in the coming weeks. We are in long meetings with Nate's doctors and will continue to be in deep discussions with them as the transplant in now in sight. We are praying for wisdom and guidance from God. You all have been with us on this long journey and held us up with prayer. We are thankful and ask that you continue to pray for our little guy and so many others who are suffering. Thank you!" From Jackie

Thursday, June 17, 2010

"We went to the doctor this morning and platlets are still down. So the wait continues and we are praying in a few more days Nate will be ready for his next round of chemo. We will be meeting very soon with the stem cell transplant team to discuss the next step for Nate. PLEASE pray for us to have wisdom as we move forward." From Jackie

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wes just called with good news about the pathology report. They just received the report back and the Dr's are saying that the Chemo treatment Nate has been receiving has been very effective and shows no Cancer. The last test that Nate had showed cancer in his legs and hips. That has now cleared up. Nate will continue this current Chemo treatment for another month and will then start the Stem Cell treatment. Let's all continue to pray for Nate, Wes, Jackie, Jake and Luke as they continue to walk through this valley asking God to give His sustaining help. "Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me." Psalm 54:4

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I wanted to update everyone on the latest update on Nate. Jackie said that Nate's counts have recovered. He will have his bone marrow biopsy tomorrow and should have results on Monday. Nate had a platelets transfusion last week. As long as his platelets’ look good he will be admitted to the hospital for chemo on Thursday or Friday. Please continue your prayers for Nate and the Oxfords and the biopsy tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Yesterday, Nate's counts had dropped and he needed platlets again. His bone scans showed what we already knew, that Nate has a lot of tumor basically all over his little body. The doctor is thinking Nate's counts will recover within a week or so and we will continue chemo. He will have a bone marrow sample taken once his counts recover. This will give the doctors more information for current and future plans. He is feeling fine, playing Wii and making crafts. Please continue to pray for a response. Love you all!!!" FromJackie

Friday, May 28, 2010

"We are in a temporary holding phase again. Waiting for counts to come up. It seemed a few days ago that Nate's counts were a big issue, but today his lab results looked very promising. He will have the weekend off, and if all looks good on Tuesday then we will start chemo again. He also has bone scans on Tuesday morning. I spoke with the doctor briefly today and he is up beat about next week. Things are very day to day as Nate's treatment is being specifically built around his response. So today is a good day and we are thankful for that. He also had a ct-scan when he was in the hospital last week and his lungs and stomach are clear of any tumor, so nothing new there (which is great news). We press on and everyone is doing well!

Ty's heart surgery was a great success. Thank you for praying for him. He should get to go home next week. Our boys will miss their friend, but we are thankful he is doing so well!"
From Jackie

Monday, May 24, 2010

"Nate finished his inpatient chemo yesterday. He was delayed a day because of a possible reaction between his pain meds and one of the chemo drugs. He seemed to tolerate the chemo fine, he didn't have any immediate problems. Nate is still feeling well and was ready to get back to the Ronald McDonald House with Jake and Luke. He got a blood transfusion before we left and his platlet count has dropped some. We are praying for a big response to the chemo, and that Nate's body can handle the chemo, which is shown through blood counts. We will be watching numbers over the next two days and praying to continue with the chemo cycle. He is still adjusting to the back brace. We wanted to say thank you for all the encouraging emails, cards, and packages. We love you all very much!!!" From Jackie

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Nate is getting adjusted to wearing his back brace. It is a little tough to sit in, but he does well walking in the brace. He is doing okay with the chemo so far, his platelets are a bit of an issue. He will have an echocaridogram in the morning before he is admitted tomorrow afternoon for more chemo. It is a routine test that has to be done before he can receive certain chemo medications. Please pray that he responds well over the next few days in the hospital and that his platelet count will not become an issue.

Our boys have made a friend here at the Ronald McDonald House, he is an 11 year old boy who will have open heart surgery on Sunday. Please pray for Ty and his mom as they are far from home and scared about the upcoming surgery.

Don't forget about our Rockwall kiddos fighting cancer! (Matt, Ethan, Devon and more)

We love you all and thank you for your prayers!!!!!!!"

From Jackie

Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Nate's counts finally recovered on Thursday. He was able to start his first chemo medication Thursday night as an outpatient, which will be taken everyday for 21 days. We will go for counts every other day for about a week. If his counts maintain then he will be admitted to the hospital for two more medications, all under the guidance of Dr. Finlay. Please pray for this to happen. His back brace will be ready on Tuesday. He will wear it during the time he is out of bed. This should offer support and hopefully protect his spine from any possible damage from the tumor growth. Thank you for your continued prayers. We miss Texas and all our friends and family, but we are so thankful to be here for Nate's treatment." From Jackie

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Nate is still feeling well. He is getting adjusted to living at the Ronald McDonald house. As always, he is having fun playing the Wii and enjoying the toy room here. Most of his counts are looking good, but his platlets have not recovered yet. He got a platlet transfusion again yesterday. He can not begin chemo until his body is making his own platlets. We are praying that he will be ready in a day or two to begin. Please keep praying with us!!!

Let's not forget the other Rockwall kiddos fighting cancer:
Matt Burpee, Ethan Tate, Devon Kerr, Reese, and so many more in the area. Thanks so much!!!!"

From Jackie

Saturday, May 8, 2010

"First all we want to thank everyone for all the support and prayers over the past few weeks as we have had to make difficult decisions and research what we should do for Nate.
We have decided to come to Children's Los Angeles and continue with a different form of chemo since Nate did not respond to the last two rounds. The oncologist is very optimistic, and hopeful that Nate might respond. We feel deeply that Nate is still strong and ready to fight. His attitude and spirit are just as strong as ever. He is being fitted for a back brace that should help with the spinal compressions being cause by tumor. He will sleep in this in hopes that it will help this situation.
We know it is a big job for man, but God is more than able to heal Nate by whatever way he chooses. Thank you for standing with us in prayer. We are so blessed!!!!!"

From Jackie

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Nate had his MRI this week. It was split into two days, both days showed poor response to chemo. He has had a lot of new tumor growth and this is very concerning. He will not be a candidate for stem cell transplant at this point. His counts are still low and so we will not be able to start any new treatment until his counts come up. We are planning on leaving the hospital today. Please pray for Wes and I as we make plans for the next plan of action for Nate. We are still hopeful and working on a plan for Nate. Despite everything, he has been feeling well and playing and laughing with Jake and Luke. He is a fighter, with a strong spirit. We love you all, please pray for our little angel." From Jackie

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wes reported this evening that the MRI results came back today but the tumors have spread and it is worse. There was no response to chemo. Wes is flying to LA tomorrow morning to talk with Dr. Finlay to see if there are any possible options. Please pray for Nate.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Nate's counts continue to drop while in the hospital here in Dallas. He will get another blood transfusion today and continue meds in an effort to turn numbers around. While his counts are low, he is open to infections. They are trying to get his 6 hour MRI in tomorrow (Monday) before I leave on Tuesday to go meet with Dr Finlay, the stem cell doctor at Childrens Los Angeles (supposed to be the best at stem stell autologus transplantation in America, which means taking your own good stem cells out long enough to hit the body with very high doses of chemo and then injecting the good stem cells back in and letting them take over again, will be done three separate times to Nate over the course of 4 months, the risks are that the body could attack itself with infection while your system is depleted of the good stem cells and could cause organ failure he will be monitored heavily to try to prevent that but the reward is that the cancer is hit over the whole body harder than ever three times so if it is hiding anywhere and gone undetected like it has before it can't come back) so that we can have those results back for him to review and plan out his regimen. Thank you for your continued prayers." From Wes

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just wanted to send out an update for Nate. The Dr's have delayed the MRI at the moment. Nate was admitted this morning due to a fever. His counts are very low right now and he is at risk for infection. Thank you for all the prayers and support for Nate.

Friday, April 30, 2010

"Nate is having an MRI in the morning. They will see if he has responded to the two rounds of chemo he has been given. We will make decisions based on these results. His counts are very low right now and he is at risk for infection. Please pray for good news tomorrow and that he does not get a fever before his counts recover. Thank you for all the prayers and support!!!!" From Jackie

Monday, April 19, 2010

Update from Jackie: "Nate has been having a great week. His counts looked good on Tuesday. He should be able to start round 2 tomorrow. He will have another count check in the morning, but all indicators show he should be fine. He is feeling really good and playing a lot. This week off from chemo has been great for him. Please pray that he continues to stay strong in round 2."

Saturday, April 10, 2010

From Jackie: "Nate will finish round one today. He will have next week to recover. Please pray that his blood counts recover, so he can start round two the following week. One week off is a very short time for counts to come up. Nate has been doing well with this first round. He has had some vomitting and other side effects, but this past week he seemed to have more good days than bad. He played with Jake and Luke, rode his little jeep and enjoyed the sunshine in the afternoons (after daily chemo) He has been very motiviated to play with close family friends and had a wonderful Easter. He is actually using his walker again and able to stand up without hurting. His pain in under control and he is resting at night. Each day that he feels well is a true blessing. We want to thank everyone for your constant prayers for our family. Please continue to pray for our little guy as well as others who are hurting right now. There are so many kiddos fighting this fight.
Please continue to pray for Matt, and Ethan, both 5year old boys from Rockwall fighting cancer. Thank you to everyone who is on this journey with our family!"

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dr Bowers said pathologist verified the tumors are Medulloblastoma spread to the bone in the pelvis. Please do not give up praying. The LORD God listens. Amen

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wes called and said that they spoke with the Dr yesterday regarding the biopsy but that the results were inconclusive and that the Dr could not confirm if cancer or not. More tests are being completed now and hopefully will know more today. Please continue your prayers for Nate and the Oxfords.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wanted to let everyone know that Nate was at the Hospital today and had a biopsy on the locations found on his hip. Wes said they should get the results tomorrow. He continues to be in pain. Please continue to pray for Nate for God's comfort and sustaining help.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wes said that the MRI had revealed more tumors all over his legs and hips. The Dr's said that it was the worst possible scenario and there was not much that could be done by way of treatment. Wes asked that we continue to pray without ceasing and not give up. Wes and Jackie are both hopeful and trusting that Nate will be healed and that God will be glorified through this. They want everyone to know that God is bigger than cancer and bigger than all of our problems and that He is faithful to hear the prayer of His children.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

MRI today at 12:30

Just wanted to send out an update on Nate's status. The MRI has been scheduled for Thursday (today) at 12:30. The purpose of the MRI will be to get a clearer picture of the mass that was found in Nate's hip area. Depending on what is found in that MRI, they will conduct a biopsy of the area to confirm what this is. Please continue your prayers for Nate and all the Oxfords. Please pray about the MRI that is taking place tomorrow at 12:30. Please pray that God would reveal clearly what is taking place with Nate and that the Dr's will have wisdom with how to proceed.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wes, Jackie and Nate are so thankful for the prayers and encouragement they have received. The preliminary results of the Spinal fluid is that it is clear of cancer. They sent the fluid off to have a more complete test and they will have the results back on Thursday. While completing the X-ray for the Spinal Tap, Dr's noticed a mass in Nate's hip. The Dr's will schedule an MRI to examine the hip area closer. Hopefully this will take place tomorrow. The Dr's felt this would explain why Nate was having so much pain in his back but want to wait for the MRI to examine what this mass is. Please continue to pray for Nate, asking God to comfort him. Asking that God reveal to the Dr's what is taking place and how to best move forward. Asking that God would send His sustaining help and show Nate, Wes and Jackie just how close He can be in times like this. "Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall." Psalm 55:22.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Over the past weeks Nate has been complaining of extreme pain in his back and legs which was one of the warning signs the doctors told them to be looking for. They spoke with Dr. Bower yesterday and he wanted to move forward with an MRI today to see if tumors were found in the brain or spine which might be causing the pain. Radiologists stated that the MRI results did not show any tumors in the spine but it did reveal a tumor in brain, in the left forehead area. The Dr explained that the tumor location would not be causing the back pain as it is not in a location that would cause these types of symptoms. The Dr did not have any immediate answers and wanted to consult with a team of other doctors on Monday as well as the radiologist to confirm what they are all seeing and then discuss the next steps. Nate will likely have a spinal tap on Tuesday to test as well. Wes and Jackie and the family are all together tonight having a night away and they are both hopeful that God will see them all through this and the days ahead. Please be praying for the doctors that are overseeing the results and Nate's care that they would understand clearly what is taking place and causing the pain and how to best move forward. Please pray for Nate and the pain he is having that God would reveal the source of the pain and would comfort Nate and ease his pain. Wes and Jackie are both so thankful for all the prayers and words of encouragement that have been sent to them today. Let us all continue in prayers asking that the God of all comfort, comfort Wes, Jackie and Nate during this time . "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God." 2 Corinthians 1:2-4.
"This is Wes asking for prayers for Nate's unexpected MRI and other scans to be clear of cancer.   He has it at 11:30 am this morning  (Saturday) checking for relapse due to concerning pains and behaviors. We know God is good and hears our cries for mercy."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Nate continues to do well. This past week was his 4th birthday. What an amazing gift from God to celebrate another birthday with our little guy. God has been so merciful to us and we are continually reminded of His grace to us all. Today Nate was playing t-ball with his brothers (in his walker) and having so much fun. He is becoming quite the Wii expert and learning the alphabet. (just being a little boy)

I ask that you all pray for Matt Burpee, (a five year old in Heath battling the same cancer that Nate did). He has started chemo and I remember how sick and weak Nate got. It is so hard to watch your child suffer and know you cannot stop the pain or sickness. Please pray for him and his family as they fight this battle."

From Jackie

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Help Nate raise money for other kids to be able to go on Make A Wish trips, please visit this URL and donate as little or as much as you can, it all goes to help this wonderful organization help other kids get their wishes granted at such a desperate time in their life.  Please, as little or as much as you can, what a worthy cause.  Let's blow Make A Wish away with our generosity.  God bless. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


"Praise God, for HE is merciful. We got the results back from Nate's MRIs, and all scans are clear…no cancer. The doctors are very pleased, and were excited to be able to provide this news. When chemo started last January he was given a 15% chance to make it 3 months, and he made it six months before it came back worse than ever. When he began radiation in June and ended at the end of July, he was given six weeks to six months of borrowed time, and here he is…TO GOD BE ALL PRAISE AND GLORY. Nate truly is a miracle from God every day he is alive. I am not saying any of us deserve this, I am, however, saying that God had mercy on us and we will forever give HIM the glory for his healing. We thank all the doctors and nurses who have seen us through this. Many people have spent many hours laboring over him to help him get to this point. We also want to thank everyone around the world for your much needed prayers and for helping us along the way. We have been praying about larger ways to give back and help others, and we will begin on those things in the near future, using what God has done for us as a way to show HIS love to others.

Nate still needs a lot of therapy and attention to help him with his physical and cognitive abilities. He has been making great strides with his walking and talking…and so far we see no reduction in cognitive skills. We work with him every day on this, and he will begin new therapies soon to help him even more. He will go back in three months for another MRI and will continue to do so for a stretch of two years and then every six months for five years. What Nate had was very nasty and it hit him with full intensity trying to steal his life on this earth away from us, but today is a day of victory, and with each day comes new reasons to praise THE LORD even more. God bless you all. Spread the word about HIS mercies.

The Oxford family

Monday, January 18, 2010

Nate has his MRI this morning. Please pray for it to remain cancer free. He gets MRI's every three months for two years. Thanks, Wes

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and enjoyed time with your friends and family. We had an amazing time on Nate's Make A Wish trip to Disney World. It was truly a memory that our family will cherish forever. Nate felt great and tried to run to Mickey Mouse and gave him a huge hug. It was unforgettable! We were then able to spend the week with my brother and his family. We feel so blessed to have Nate this Christmas and to have had so much time together with our family. I will try to post a few pictures very soon.

Nate's hair is growing in, he actually got a little trim today! He is acting like a regular three year old, and we are trying our best to treat him like one. He is telling jokes and playing with his brothers.

He has his first 3 month MRI on January 18. We are praying for clear results and continued remission. Please join us in prayer as this day approaches. Also, please pray for Matt Burpee a 5 year old boy who is being treated for the same cancer Nate had. Love in Christ, Jackie