Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chemo Starts again today - Please Pray!

Wes just provided this update, please pray specifically today for the Chemo treatment for Nate to go well.

"They will try to administer chemo again this afternoon in ICU. This way if any complications occur he will be right there to get it resolved quickly. Today, he will get three new drugs in the chemo cocktail so the prayer would be that they are all able to clear his body once the time comes for that to happen after they sit in him for the 24 hour period. The problem on Saturday was that the chemo would not come back out and it is only supposed to stay in him 24 hours at a time, flush the body, and then go for more chemo. Since it did not clear, they had to double the fluids to flush the body and it wiped his sodium level out and came within moments of a coma, but if the chemo stays in too long, it starts to kill normal cells also and opens up numerous problems, so neither scenario is good. We know that God is watching and protecting him, so we ask for his healing and for the complications to not happen before the full healing comes. This has been such an emotional whirlwind dealing with all of the complications. In so many ways it would be great for him to start having day after day of improvements and no more complications. Our heart just breaks having to see him go through so much frustration, pain, and not getting to do what a little two year should be doing. We have been looking at lots of pictures and videos of him and oh how we would love him to throw eggs all over the furniture and walls, get into a fight with a bungee cord and get 32 stitches, or get on top of the refrigerator, lock us out of the house, or the countless other mischievous things he does. We long to see the day of his healing...we love our Nate."

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