Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Seeing Improvement

Wes just provided this latest update. Let's all continue our prayers for little Nate, God hears the cry of His children.

"Nate seems to be more alert today, his brain pressure levels and blood pressure levels have come down some. He will not be getting a shunt for now, praise God, the neurosurgeons and oncologists feel that another surgery is too big of a risk of lowering his white blood count and want to keep the chemo going on Thursday. Chemo will most likely be administered in ICU for now to be more closely monitored and make sure he does good with it this time. Thank you for the prayers, they are working. We still believe in a full recovery. The fact that a shunt is not having to be installed and he will just keep the drain tube for now shows us that nothing permanent has happened and he can still make a full recovery as if nothing had ever happened. We love you all, keep believing and do not give up. The world will be amazed by what God is going to do with this little boy."

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