Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rough Day

Wes provided this update today on Nate's status, "Nate is on the Pulmonary (Lung) floor today trying to get his lungs and throat strong and get as much food into him as possible. He is on a liquid only diet (special kind of Pediasure, Pedialite, and Boost) that can only be administered through a feeding tube (nothing by mouth) controlled by a pump that passes through the nose, throat, stomach and into his intestines. He is currently holding the food much better today with this new style, so please pray that continues to happen. He has had significant loss of muscle and his weight needs to be brought up quickly. On top of that he is coming off of pneumonia caused by aspiration (foreign liquid in the lungs), shock from drowning off of his own food and going to the ICU, and his emotional state right now is shot. He bites his nails, picks his lip, and fidgets continuously. Needless to say, he has grown up quickly and his innocence has been lost to a certain extent. Please pray for his mental state(he is currently often aggressive toward us and refuses to do most everything without force, plus he will often just sit there and stare refusing to answer anyone—those who know him know that he is normally a very happy go lucky kid that will go up to anyone) as we go into chemo which we are hoping will start by Friday. We know God has His timing and will send us when He is ready. The Oncologist, Dr. Bowers, wants him now but knows that we have to get these other issues resolved first before he starts chemo just to be knocked down again. Thank you for all of the groups that have been meeting here not only in the Rockwall area, but literally around the world. We can never say that Nate is not loved by many, many people. May God bless you all."

Let's all continue to lift up the Nate, Jackie and Wes in prayer to our God of all comfort, who is able to comfort us in our afflictions.

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