Friday, January 30, 2009

More Improvements!

Wes just provided this update regarding Nate. Please continue your prayers.

"Nate had a great day yesterday. He went for a wagon ride and visited the playroom where he made his mommy a valentine jar and decorated a sack. His cordination is improving a little each day, this is the main issue physically now. He can reach and grab things, but he is all over the place doing so. He did make a fist and punch in shapes into their correct spots on a toy and was able to start to show us the numbers one and two with his fingers. This morning he nodded distinctively for the first time to answer "yes". Also, yesterday they removed all of his leads (vital sign monitoring wires-the little circular sticky things they put on your chest to get our heartrate, breathing rate, etc.) to allow for increased mobility. The focus now is chemo, physical and speech therapt, chemo, physical and speech therapy...on and on until the cancer is gone and he gets back to doing what he can do physically and vocally. As far as vocally goes, he has not spoken yet, but is allowing them to swab his throat with lemon swabs to regain sensation in the throat and has hummed for us now some. This is promising, quite honestly, speaking may be a longer road. The doctors all feel great about him and like his recovery pace right now. Please keep praying that the tumors and the cancer goes away, and that he begins to start doing something new everyday physically and for him to become vocal again. We thank you all again for the prayers and the support, we are truly blessed."

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