Friday, May 29, 2009

Jackie provided this update today about Nate. Let's all continue to be in prayer, thanking God for His sustaining help and comfort for Nate and the Oxford's.

"Nate has been home for a week now and he is feeling great. Since he was in the hospital last week they gave him a week off to recover before starting chemo again next week. We think this is the best he has felt in a long time. He is trying so hard to walk and is eating anything he can get his hands on (mainly chips, milk and brownies), but we will take anything as long as he is putting on some weight. Monday will be the beginning of another long week and he will recieve chemo everyday and be in the infusion room for 40-50 hours during the week. We have had a few days of not being in the hospital or at the clinic and we have had time to reflect on our situation. We are surrouded by the most amazing group of people and supporters. We know some of you well and others only through email or we are linked by prayers to God. We just want all of you to know how much we love and appreicate the love and support we have been shown. We have been blessed with wonderful friends, neighbors, co-workers, doctors, nurses, and church friends(the list goes on and on). Thank you all and lets continue to pray for all who are touched by childhood cancer."

Thursday, May 21, 2009

An update from Jackie:

Nate is doing better and should be able to come home tomorrow. He will have a week off before starting his next round of chemo.

I also wanted to request prayers for the little boy Dakota who many have been praying for. He passed away last week and I request prayers for his family and all the doctors and nurses who have cared for him for 3 years. My heart is broken for his family, but I know God is in control and He will comfort them. Love in Christ, Jackie

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nate was admitted back into Children's on Thursday with a urinary tract infection caused by a natural form of E-Coli which all of our bodies carry. For a healthy person, the body battles the bacteria every day and we never notice it. For Nate and others who have little or no immune system, bacterias in the body can more easily cause problematic infections. Essentially your own body can be your enemy. It caused his temperature to spike to 103.7 and he had to have more blood transfusions to boost his hemoglobin count. His temp is back down as of this morning. He will most likely be getting more transfusions because his NAC is still at 0, meaning he can catch anything right now. He is on two antibiotics to fight the infection and has had a lot of diahrrea and nausea. He will get the antibiotics pumped through him for at least another 7 days and will most likely have to stay here as an inpatient until the end of next week. Chemo then starts back up hard and heavy the next week. Thank you all for the continous prayers and the outpouring of love. Please pray that he gets over this soon and that the infection does not spread to the blood, which is a possibility, and would cause problems that I do not even want to get into, it would just be bad. He did have a sonogram of the kidneys and the infection had not gotten to them. We know God is with Nate and have seen HIS amazing love time and time again. God bless you all.