Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blood Drive - We need YOU!!!

There is a Blood Drive for Nate Oxford THIS Friday, July 31st from 10:00 to 3:00 in the Rockwall Kroger parking lot. If anyone would be willing to donate please call Rhonda at 214-500-3093. Keller Williams Realty is sponsoring the event. Rhonda will be there the whole time. This is a great opportunity to help our sweet Oxfords!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

T-Shirts are available... But going VERY fast!

Please order all tshirts by contacting Erica Brown at earlybirds3@gmail.com.

Cost is only ten dollars per shirt.
Erica wanted everyone to know that a new shipment of iPray for little Nate tshirts just arrived and they are going quick so order now!!! Show the world that God is good and is using Nate as proof of that by helping unite us in prayer. She just got them in and they are selling very fast.

Please note that the sizes in stock and available for immediate shipment are children's S through adult XL.

* Bigger sizes could be available, to order bigger sizes please email your name, email, size, phone number, and quantity to be put on a possible waiting list for the next shipment. If available, we will email you with your total cost. Thank you.
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Thank you God! Thank you prayer warriors! Nate has had a much better day.
After radiation today, he did have two long naps and still gets worn out
easy, but when he has been awake he has been very playful and has been
laughing and smiling and telling jokes. He seems to feel much better. I
know we still have a long road, but at least today we got to see the old
Nate again. Keep praying, do not lose heart, God is good and He is
listening. Cry out to HIM for miracles, cry out to HIM with all of your
hopes, fears, and anxieties. HE will deliver us from everything that harms
us. Take comfort in Psalm 18:1-36 READ IT ALL and share it with others who
need encouragement. It is so encouraging to know that my God listens to our
cries. May you feel close to your LORD at this moment, may you take peace in
HIS love for you. Thank you again for praying for my little Nate.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nate has been trying to participate and play with the other boys around the
house and has been fighting to smile and stay alert. He is very exhausted,
the cancer is straining his energy. He has moments during the day where he
will get a burst of energy and then the rest of the day he just wants to sit
there or go to sleep. Please pray that the cancer will go away quickly, it
is trying to overtake him in so any ways. He has sharp pains in the top of
his head and behind his right eye, most likely due to the tumors. We know so
many are praying, please stick with Nate, he needs it now more than ever.
Keep spreading the word about Nate for God to get the glory. God is good and
HE does hear our prayers. Please be encouraged by Psalm 103. Thank you.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

"iPray" Tshirts are available!

Many have asked about how to order the “iPray for Little Nate” T-Shirts. You can order these directly from Erica Brown at earlybirds3@gmail.com.

The price of the T-Shirts has been reduced to $10 so that these can be available to everyone to help spread the word to pray for Nate.

The T-Shirts are navy with white lettering.

Front: iPray

Back: for Little Nate (with the www.prayfornateoxford.com below)

Adult sizes: S M L XL XXL $10.00

Children sizes: S M L $10.00

Our continued prayer is that Nate will be completely healed and God will be completely glorified.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you need information about ordering.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wes called and wanted to let everyone know how much they appreciate the prayers that have been lifted up for Nate. He said that everything has gone as planned today and that Nate received about an hour's treatment of radiation. He said that Nate was exhausted from the day and that this will continue for 6 weeks. Please continue your prayers asking for God's sustaining help and that Nate would be protected through this and the treatment would be successful. God has truly been the one who has sustained them through this and continues to be by their side. He is faithful.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wes let us know that Nate is at home now. He is on steriods and as long as he doesn't lose consciousness, all radiation will be done outpatient at UT Southwestern Mon-Fri beginning this Friday. Everyone has been so faithful to pray the Lord on behalf of Nate. Let's all continue in prayer asking God for His sustaining help for Nate and the Oxford's". "Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me." Psalm 54:4
Message from Wes.

Check out this slideshow: "t h e o x f o r d s" at http://www.mattnicolosi.com/slideshows/Oxfords/iframe.html and www.mattnicolosiblog.com be sure to make a comment for Matt.
Hello, please check out this amazing video and pictures taken by a truly remarkable photographer, Matt Nicolosi. Matt spent so much time with us and has an amazing talent. If you want pictures of your family, Matt is definitely your guy. All of his info is on the site with the link.
Also, please spread this to everyone you know. I think it gives people a face to associate with their prayers. Nate is a fighter, God is awesome, and we are faithful. God will do great things on this earth through Nate. He has been dedicated to our LORD and HE will raise Nate up. Do not doubt or let your faith waiver, GOD hears your prayers. Nate needs your and everyone you know of prayers more than ever. Send praises and thanksgivings up to our LORD and ask for a miracle.
Do this also for all of your hurts and worries. All of your anxieties and burdens. Do not give up on God. Tell HIM what is bothering you on the inside, tell HIM what you do not understand and ask for wisdom. GOD hears you, cry out to HIM and look forward to the day that he will give you peace beyond understanding. GOD will never be outmatched or defeated, and we will not be either as HIS people, Please let us all unite as one and share each other’s burdens. I want my little boy to be healed, and you have wants and needs in your life also. Share them with each other, share them with your neighbors and pray with and for each other. GOD’s amazing love will be spread. Thank you all, always keep your hope in GOD, for HE has the power to do all things and listens to those HE loves.
Go to www.prayfornateoxford.com to follow Nate’s blog. May God bless you all.
We are back at Children's after being transported to UT Southwestern's Medical Center at 7 am to meet with the radiation oncologist. He prepared us for what would happen over the next 7 weeks. Nate will get 30 treatments (30 mins a day for 6 weeks Mon-Fri) of high dosage/high intensity radiation to his total brain and spine. He begins on Friday. According to all doctors involved, this will most certainly result in severe cognitive loss. We were told to expect many learning problems throughout his life. This is hard to hear. On one hand, without a doubt, we want our child. On the other, we know if he has any medical hope of survival it is through something that is going to cause him to be much less intelligent that what he is now. On top of all of this, the radiation's success rate is not high at all due to the aggressiveness of his cancer.

We know that God is bigger than all of this. God determines how intelligent He wants us to be. God determines how long He wants us to live. God is in control here during uncomprehensible times. We have just resolved to trust Him because we know that He is doing what He must do to protect Nate. We tried chemo and it did not work. We were told that he is so bad off that at his current rate he would be dead in 4 to 6 weeks without a very aggressive treatment. It is what it is and only God can change it. Please pray that He does change it. Pray that Nate is healed and that Nate maintains his intelligence level. Pray that God will turn him into a man of God to be used by Him for many years to come into his olden years. Pray for God to get all of the glory through our little Nate

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The MRI results came back last night and revealed that Nate's cancer had returned again and larger than before. The Dr's outlook was that it would be best to move forward with radiation at this point. Please continue your prayers for Nate. Wes and Jackie are both moving forward with the new treatment plan for Nate and are still believing and hopeful in God's power to heal. Please remember them all today.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Please keep praying. Tell everyone you know to keep praying. Nate just woke up amazingly out of his sleep. He has been answering questions in complete sentences with Jackie. They have not done the MRI yet, just a CAt scan, please pray that the MRI showed the CAt scan to be wrong. We have faith. Prayer to our good and loving Lord has gotten Nate this far. Prayer to our LORD will get Nate through this also. Jackie and I dedicated him to the LORD to do great things here on earth for HIM and we know that he has big plans for him. Please do not give up, the LORD is listening. Thanks. He is leaving to go into his MRI as I am typing. PRAY.
Please no visitors at this time.

URGENT prayer request

"Please be in prayer for Nate. He was found unresponsive this morning and is currently back at Children's Medical center. Dr's have confirmed that the cancer has returned in a larger form that is causing Nate's response. They are discussing what to do and how to treat from here. Please pray for Nate and the Oxfords."

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jackie just provided this quick update on Nate. Great news. Let's all continue to remember Nate and the Oxford's in prayer.

"He has started maintenance, we gave him his first dose of chemo at home last night. The doctors are not overly concerned about the MRI, so we are proceeding as planned. He got his walker this week and has adjusted well to using it. We are not letting him use it much in the house since he is walking pretty good at home, but it is very handy when we are out. Nate is feeling and looking great. We are so thankful for all the prayers for Nate and our family."

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jackie sent this update for us all. Please continue your prayers.

"We went to the doctor today and really don't have any answers for Friday's MRI. Children's along with St. Jude reviewed the MRI. Nate will continue with the same course of treatment and he will have another MRI in a month or two and the doctors will watch for any change in the spots. Dr. Bowers nurse, Melissa, worked very hard today to get some of Nate's new chemo prescriptions approved and we are very thankful for her efforts and success. We know you all are praying for our little guy and ask that you continue to do so.
On another note, last night two Make A Wish volunteers came to our house to visit with Nate. He was asked, "where would you go if you could choose any place in the world." He pondered for about 20 seconds and replied, "ummm McDonalds." Wes and I got a kick out of this and the volunteer decided we might need to help him decide.
We love you all and appreicate your support and prayers."