Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Praise God!

Just received this from Wes: Praise God! Nate just went for a swallow study and just proved that he can swallow thicker liquids and solid food. They are reevaluating his nutrition plan now and deciding how to start working in thicker liquids (milkshake, etc) and some softer solid foods (breakfast bars, pudding, etc) into his diet. What this shows is that Nate can protect his airway while swallowing. This is something he could not do for a long time. He will still have the tube through his nose into his intestines, but now we will be in the weaning stage. In other words, another big step forward. Someone from Baylor Medical Center came yesterday and spoke with Jackie about the details of Our Children's House at Baylor and the inpatient rehab he will be receiving. It will be pretty intense rehab, which is good with us. We want him to have every available shot at getting back to where he was while the window is open. He will do chemo here at Children's and all his therapies over there. As we find out more about the rules over there as far as visitation, we will let you know. We know that God has been with Nate the whole time and appreciate all of your prayers. We have gotten several emails, phone calls, letters, and cards from complete strangers due to the news articles. I really believe that Nate has touched so many people and caused thousands to reflect upon there own families and spiritual situations and allowed them to become closer to God. We read and hear stories everyday about how this is happening. God is good, and we need to keep praising HIS name. Thanks again.

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  1. Thanks for posting on our old blog. We have a new one now, too. We would love to share more with y'all! My husband is also in insurance (he's the cancer survivor-Praise Jesus!!!). The new blog deals a little bit more with the health stuff I've endured (just had brain surgery a few months ago). We've wanted to come down and meet Nate, but each person we've spoken with that knows you personally has said not to visit.
    Know that we continue to pray.