Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spongebob it is!

Nate continues to make improvements every day. Yesterday he started sitting up on his own off and on throughout the day. In fact last night, he dragged himself over to the rail on the bed and pushed himself up and sat there without support. They are also talking about later today or in the morning switching his feeding tube from a continous feed to what is called a bolis feed, which means he will get a lot of fude through the tube at breakfast, lunch, and dinner to cause hunger in between to want to eat food by mouth and get used to eating on a schedule by mouth again. This is part of the weaning process off of the feeding tube. On Monday we are off to Our Children's House at Baylor for inpatient rehab. He has finished several chemo drugs in the last few days and has done great. He has one more today at 5pm and then none again until next Wednesday which we can hop a hospital bus and come back over here to do and go right back. Certain chemos we will stay here to do and others are hop a bus come do it here and go back--all depending on what they are and how long it takes. He is doing great and will be able to have some ice cream cake and juice by soon for his birthday party this Sunday--he will be three and he is so proud. We are going to have a shindig, Spongebob is the theme, that is what he told us he wanted, so Spongebob it is. God bless you all, HE is watching over us all each day.

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