Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nate is making progress!

Wes just provided this update and wanted to send it out to everyone.

"First we wanted to thank everyone who took part in the Joe Willy's night. We know many prayers and hands came together to make that a success. I am speechless over the turnout and amount of support we have been given. Thank you doesn't seem like enough. We pray God blesses each of you in a mighty way. Nate is still making progress everyday. His trunk (core) strength is coming back and he is sitting on his own. (sometimes loses balance) All the same he can do it! He got a new wheelchair today. It is one that he can roll the wheels himself.(he is out of control :) He has also been up in a walker. The therapists are so excited because he gets stronger everyday. He has continued to recieve chemo injections here and that seems to be going well. We will go back to Children's in about a week to begin month 3 and see how he is responding to the chemo. We expect great news as he seems to be doing so well. Thank you for your contiuned prayer. We love you all!!!"

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