Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Nate!

From Wes - Happy Birthday Nate, today Nate turns three and is having a party in a room we reserved here at Children's on the 10th floor today at 4pm. Jackie did not know how Nate would handle tons of people so it is mainly some relatives and a few others at the party. As much as we want Nate to see everyone, he has to stay healthy so that ultimately he can come home with all of this conquered and we can have a huge party with everyone of you. Yesterday Nate had the biggest time going down the hall in a wheelchair handing out Valentines to all the nurses and other chemo patients. His little personable personality is definitely back. He is such a flirt and a ham. Thanks again to all of you, a family and a little boy could not be more loved.

In honor of sweet Nate's birthday we got the blog redone. Check out the cute new design and check out Pink Armchair Designs. Praise the Lord for Nate's progress!

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