Saturday, April 10, 2010

From Jackie: "Nate will finish round one today. He will have next week to recover. Please pray that his blood counts recover, so he can start round two the following week. One week off is a very short time for counts to come up. Nate has been doing well with this first round. He has had some vomitting and other side effects, but this past week he seemed to have more good days than bad. He played with Jake and Luke, rode his little jeep and enjoyed the sunshine in the afternoons (after daily chemo) He has been very motiviated to play with close family friends and had a wonderful Easter. He is actually using his walker again and able to stand up without hurting. His pain in under control and he is resting at night. Each day that he feels well is a true blessing. We want to thank everyone for your constant prayers for our family. Please continue to pray for our little guy as well as others who are hurting right now. There are so many kiddos fighting this fight.
Please continue to pray for Matt, and Ethan, both 5year old boys from Rockwall fighting cancer. Thank you to everyone who is on this journey with our family!"


  1. Hi Mr. Nate! My grandson Chase is a cancer survivor of 3 years! He was diagnosed with A.L.L. at age 4 and relapsed at age 6years with CNS(central nervious system) We hate cancer! We attacked that evil dragon with so many prayers he died! So many, many...from what we understand hundreds of "many" are doing that just for you too! I know that Jesus is holding your hand every step you take, you just tell him to hold on tight, He will never let you go Not Ever! He loves you more than anyone else does did you know that? The Cancer Dragon breaths fire and tries to beat you up..but you know what you have to do? Shake your fist at him and yell at him and tell him you Have The Whole Armour of God on and Jesus standing beside you and he will Never Win! Ever! Jesus knows! The dragon's master the old devil tried to destroy Jesus...but he didn't! and that's why I know he will not destroy you! If you Laugh at the dragon, shake your fist, and yell, he doesn't like that at all, he gets scared of you and runs away!

    I lift my eyes to the Lord and He sees me,
    I lift my voice to the Lord and He hears me,
    I call Him My Father and He Answers...Holy Father I come to you to ask on behalf of this precious child that You heal him Father here on this earth or with You in Heaven. Hold him close in the palm of your hand, continue to give him courage, strength, endurance, patience and the ability to see You in all Your Glory. In Christ My Savior and Your Son's Name. Amen

    Until you come Father, we
    Walk in Faith not in Fear
    Carolyn Wellenberger
    Chase's Nannie

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