Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nate update today was the big day for transplant. Thanks for all the prayers and to God for making this possible. Please pray for both Nate and Jake. Big brother helping little brother forever. Jake came out of two hour surgery nauseous and wore out and has been throwing up and asleep most of today. Nate has been getting the five hour transplant since 1pm Pacific time. He is steady and they have lots of people gathered around him. So far all is okay. The next 14 days are critical to make sure his body accepts Jake's cells and starts to produce his own. Until then we have been warned to see Nate go through lots of crazy side effects. Thanks for the continued prayers. I will keep all informed. ~ From Wes


  1. Thanks for the updates. We have prayed for Nate everyday this year without fail. We have 3 boys 5 and under and have been following your family like you are our own. Your Faith lifts our spirits when we have slight struggles with everyday life. We read your strength and it carries all the way back here in Rockwall. Keep up the fight and keep up the faith and know we are reading every word. -Jason, Suzan, Leyton, Wyatt and Sawyer Pardue

  2. Give those precious boys our love from Williamsburg. God bless them both! I know they must be exhausted, and we are so proud of you all. How is Luke holding up through all of this?
    Our prayers will be with you as they always are. We are praying for Nate's little body to accept the Jake's cells - and of course to begin producing his own healthy cells, as well. I just know God has big, wonderful plans for your family! Much love, Cindy and Steve