Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Nate's counts continue to drop while in the hospital here in Dallas. He will get another blood transfusion today and continue meds in an effort to turn numbers around. While his counts are low, he is open to infections. They are trying to get his 6 hour MRI in tomorrow (Monday) before I leave on Tuesday to go meet with Dr Finlay, the stem cell doctor at Childrens Los Angeles (supposed to be the best at stem stell autologus transplantation in America, which means taking your own good stem cells out long enough to hit the body with very high doses of chemo and then injecting the good stem cells back in and letting them take over again, will be done three separate times to Nate over the course of 4 months, the risks are that the body could attack itself with infection while your system is depleted of the good stem cells and could cause organ failure he will be monitored heavily to try to prevent that but the reward is that the cancer is hit over the whole body harder than ever three times so if it is hiding anywhere and gone undetected like it has before it can't come back) so that we can have those results back for him to review and plan out his regimen. Thank you for your continued prayers." From Wes

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