Monday, August 30, 2010

"Nate went in for labs today and his counts are trending upward. We are thankful for this and pray for full recovery quickly. He got out of the hospital on Friday and has enjoyed being with his brothers. We were so blessed tonight to watch Nate in his walker along with a group of kids here at the Ronald McDonald House, run and play hide and seek. Nate was yelling and laughing with excitement and we looked on in awe of our God who has given this child such strength and joy.
We have received so many cards, emails and packages since we have been in California. I read Nate every card and he knows so many people around the world are praying for him. Over the last month I have not sent out thank you cards, and I must confess I have gotten confused at this point. Those of you who know me will not find that surprising :) Wes and I are humbled and pray for all who are on this journey with us. Thank you for the encouragement and love you all have shown to us in so many different ways."


  1. Hello with love to our Texas family of five! I was so inspired by your posting - you guys hang in there!!!
    I emailed everyone in my address book and asked them to be more specific in their prayers for Nate...we need the counts to rise and fast! The prayer warriors in Virginia are working on it!!!

    Love to you all, Cindy and Steve Martin

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  3. Tomorrow is the big day - and our prayers are with you all from Williamsburg! Give the boys hugs from us both. We are so proud of you all, and I am in awe of what brave sweet boys you have...all three of them!God bless each of you and as we continue to pray for Nate's miracle.
    We love you, Cindy and Steve