Monday, August 16, 2010

"Tomorrow, the 17th, is the big MRI. If it is clear then treatment goes on, if it is not then we go home. Thank you for all the prayers and support you all have given us. Please gather with us and others and cry out to our loving father in heaven and ask for another miracle regarding Nate. Lately he has been showing some symptoms that indicate disease progression, but we know that this is all in our LORD'S hands and HE can do anything. Today please wherever you are say a prayer for Nate that he is clear of disease and will live a long life on this earth showing others what GOD can do. I pray also that no matter what your circumstance in life is right now, whether high or low, you find peace and understanding in the scriptures that our LORD has given us and ask guidance from the giver of all good things our savior Jesus Christ. May God be with you, Wes."


  1. Nate is in our prayers. Friends form The Branch - The Simons Family

  2. As always, Jackie and Wes, your family is in our hearts and in our prayers. I hope our prayers have been heard and that God is merciful. We love you all, Cindy and Steve Martin