Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jackie sent this update for us all. Please continue your prayers.

"We went to the doctor today and really don't have any answers for Friday's MRI. Children's along with St. Jude reviewed the MRI. Nate will continue with the same course of treatment and he will have another MRI in a month or two and the doctors will watch for any change in the spots. Dr. Bowers nurse, Melissa, worked very hard today to get some of Nate's new chemo prescriptions approved and we are very thankful for her efforts and success. We know you all are praying for our little guy and ask that you continue to do so.
On another note, last night two Make A Wish volunteers came to our house to visit with Nate. He was asked, "where would you go if you could choose any place in the world." He pondered for about 20 seconds and replied, "ummm McDonalds." Wes and I got a kick out of this and the volunteer decided we might need to help him decide.
We love you all and appreicate your support and prayers."

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