Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Message from Wes.

Check out this slideshow: "t h e o x f o r d s" at and be sure to make a comment for Matt.
Hello, please check out this amazing video and pictures taken by a truly remarkable photographer, Matt Nicolosi. Matt spent so much time with us and has an amazing talent. If you want pictures of your family, Matt is definitely your guy. All of his info is on the site with the link.
Also, please spread this to everyone you know. I think it gives people a face to associate with their prayers. Nate is a fighter, God is awesome, and we are faithful. God will do great things on this earth through Nate. He has been dedicated to our LORD and HE will raise Nate up. Do not doubt or let your faith waiver, GOD hears your prayers. Nate needs your and everyone you know of prayers more than ever. Send praises and thanksgivings up to our LORD and ask for a miracle.
Do this also for all of your hurts and worries. All of your anxieties and burdens. Do not give up on God. Tell HIM what is bothering you on the inside, tell HIM what you do not understand and ask for wisdom. GOD hears you, cry out to HIM and look forward to the day that he will give you peace beyond understanding. GOD will never be outmatched or defeated, and we will not be either as HIS people, Please let us all unite as one and share each other’s burdens. I want my little boy to be healed, and you have wants and needs in your life also. Share them with each other, share them with your neighbors and pray with and for each other. GOD’s amazing love will be spread. Thank you all, always keep your hope in GOD, for HE has the power to do all things and listens to those HE loves.
Go to to follow Nate’s blog. May God bless you all.

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  1. We are praying in Florida for your precious Nate!