Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nate has been trying to participate and play with the other boys around the
house and has been fighting to smile and stay alert. He is very exhausted,
the cancer is straining his energy. He has moments during the day where he
will get a burst of energy and then the rest of the day he just wants to sit
there or go to sleep. Please pray that the cancer will go away quickly, it
is trying to overtake him in so any ways. He has sharp pains in the top of
his head and behind his right eye, most likely due to the tumors. We know so
many are praying, please stick with Nate, he needs it now more than ever.
Keep spreading the word about Nate for God to get the glory. God is good and
HE does hear our prayers. Please be encouraged by Psalm 103. Thank you.

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