Friday, June 26, 2009

"Nate's MRI came back today with 3 spots on the brain that had not been there before. Dr. Bowers is not saying that it is cancer, just that it was looked at for a long time by many well qualified people, and no one honestly knows what it is. The spinal tap shows no sign of cancer, which is great, but leaves a mystery. He overnighted the images to St Judes in Memphis and a team of neuroradiologists will try and figure out what the three small spots are hopefully by this Monday or Tuesday. Of course this is not what we wanted to hear, but we know that God is good and is with Nate. Please pray that whatever it is will not harm him and that Nate's brain is protected from all abnormalities. We thank you all for the prayers and please keep spreading the word, Nate needs your prayers as much now as ever. God bless you all. --Wes"

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