Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank you God! Thank you prayer warriors! Nate has had a much better day.
After radiation today, he did have two long naps and still gets worn out
easy, but when he has been awake he has been very playful and has been
laughing and smiling and telling jokes. He seems to feel much better. I
know we still have a long road, but at least today we got to see the old
Nate again. Keep praying, do not lose heart, God is good and He is
listening. Cry out to HIM for miracles, cry out to HIM with all of your
hopes, fears, and anxieties. HE will deliver us from everything that harms
us. Take comfort in Psalm 18:1-36 READ IT ALL and share it with others who
need encouragement. It is so encouraging to know that my God listens to our
cries. May you feel close to your LORD at this moment, may you take peace in
HIS love for you. Thank you again for praying for my little Nate.
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