Monday, April 27, 2009

We just got great news!!! Dr. Bowers called and said that he looked at the MRI and it looks great. He has a hard time saying completely gone or 100 percent, but he said the only thing that they can see is so small that it is not distinguishable, meaning it could be a few cells or just scar tissue. The same is true for both the brain and the spine. Maybe even more positive news is that the initial test on the lumbar puncture had six cells floating in it and all were noncancerous. Let us have no doubt that God has done this. Thank you all for the prayers. Just a few months ago, things looked pretty bad. God is good, please pass the news on to everyone you know, hopefully it will help others to know that God is good. Nate starts a new phase of chemo on Monday and will continue it for the next eight months. He also requires quite a bit of physical rehab. Please continue to pray for him to walk again on his own and become stronger in his speech and overall movement, he shakes quite a bit and needs to get a lot stronger. Also pray that he does not have any complications with any of the new chemo drugs he will be getting for the next eight months. God bless you all. Our God is certainly capable and willing to hear our prayers. Nate has done and will do many things in the name of the LORD.

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