Monday, April 27, 2009

Today, Monday April 27, Nate will have his four month MRI at 8 am. As you all may remember, his two month MRI showed the cancer to be 95 percent gone.

Today's MRI is the benchmark for what happens for the remainder of the year. If the cancer is all gone, then he moves on to more chemo to prevent it from relapsing in the future. If it has not shrunk further or grown back any, then radiation is the method of treatment that would be chosen by the doctors, essentially meaning chemo alone did not work.

Radiation causes many problems and possible retardation in young children, at a minimum there could be severe learning disabilities. Under the age of three, it is not even considered due to the issues it causes. As you know, Nate just turned three on February 15th.

Please specifically pray that the cancer is completely gone without any trace at all. This allows the chemo to move on without having to do any radiation. This would truly be a miracle in light of where Nate was just a couple of months ago. We know our God has shown Nate and our family His mercy and love so many times during this process and believe He will show it again with tommorow's results. Usually the results come out by early evening the day of the MRI, so no matter when you first read this, please pray for no cancer in Nate's body. Thank you all and may God bless you.

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