Sunday, April 5, 2009

Song for Nate - "Crying Out"

Morgan & Shea Mathis wrote an encouraging song for Nate. The song is about crying out to the Lord when His promises seem so far away. This song has been a tremendous encouragement to Wes, Jackie and Nate and they wanted to share this blessing with you all.

Here is a link to a video with the song and recent pictures of Nate!

The lyrics are below.

Crying Out
You say to those who cry to you
I hear your plea, encircle you
but today my hopes and dreams have faded away

You've written on the scrolls of life
come run to me, I'll give you light
but today the sun has yet to shine, over me

I'm crying out to you
I'm crying out for your Truth
I'm crying out to you to come today
come and save, while we wait.

He watched his son thrash about
from fire to water, prayed he would not drown
In desperation, he turned to you

You heard the cry, a fathers plea
you came in power and brought him peace
so I beg to you, please do the same for me...


While we wait today for you to come
and rescue this beloved one
with all our cries and all our tears
we pray Yahweh that you might \
the cries from you chosen ones
the pleas we bring to Zion's Throne
we will not fault in these days
to hold to truth and call Your name
Oh, Jesus Christ the chosen
hear our cries that you might come
to heal this boy and bring him peace
we left him up, while on our knees

Chorus...come save our Nate.

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