Friday, October 9, 2009

From Jackie, ""Nate is having a great week.  He has just gradually made improvements since his last visit with the doctor.  We are thankful that he hasn't gotten the flu since Wes and Jake just got over a case of the flu.  I disinfected all weekend and Nate, Luke and I lived downstairs away from Daddy and Jake.  Anyway, we are thankful for his strength and joy right now and ask that you pray with us as we are about a week away from an MRI on October 19.  We love you all!!!!"


  1. GO Nate GO! We are so thankful to hear he is doing well. Leyton(5) and Wyatt(2) pray for him every night and all the other kiddos that you requested we pray for. Thanks for keeping us up to speed and blessings to your family. -The Pardues

  2. So glad to hear this news. Hope to see you this weekend if Nate is feeling up to it!

  3. We are praying for little Nate. We know our God is a God who heals!

    Devin and Hanna Pintozzi
    Smyrna, GA