Friday, March 6, 2009

UPDATE: Thank you for the prayers. God is good. He cleared this morning at .05!! Down from 3.3 is a big jump. Thanks again.

Please pray for Nate. He is currently trying to clear his third round of
Methatrexate. This is the drug that sent him to the ICU the first time he
got it and wound up paralyzing him due to low sodium levels. At this time he
was hours away from clearing it and then all of a sudden the Methatrexate
level spiked back up dramatically. He needs to be below 1.0 to officially
clear, he was at 1.3 and then within four hours went back up to 3.3 and we
are nearing the 72 hour clearing period after the drug. As you can imagine,
everyone up here is watching this very closely. Instead of increasing the
fluids like the first time, which lowered the sodium, they are giving him
more of a folic acid that is supposed to stick to the Methatrexate and pull
it out. It takes a little while for this to happen, so the next check will
be at 4am. His sodium and other levels right now are fine, but they are
watching them. The prayer would be that by 4am he is well below the 1.0
Methatrexate level and that all of his other levels are perfect i.e. sodium,
potassium, magnesium, etc. We have been cruising along lately and do not
want any setbacks or trips to the ICU. God is good and will hear our
prayers. Thank you all.

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  1. Thinking of Nate today and hope his levels go to where they need to be . Hang in there Nate you are one tough cookie !! Thinking of the family as well.