Monday, March 30, 2009

Jackie just provided this update on Nate's status and wanted to pass this on to everyone. Let's all continue our prayers for Nate's progress. Our God is faithful.

"I am sorry we haven't updated in the past week or so. I know everyone praying is wanting to keep up with Nate's progress. Wes has been back to work on a normal schedule finally trying to catch up , and I have been taking Nate to his doctor appointments. Nate is doing great at home. Playing with Jake and Luke has been great therapy for him. He gets chemo every other day and goes to therapy appointments between chemo appointments. We are on the road to the doctor a lot, but what a blessing to be at home as a family at the end of the day!!! He will go back into the hospital next Tuesday for inpatient chemo, he will stay until it clears (about 4 days)and then return the following Tuesday for another 3 day chemo stay. He is pulling himself up to stand and crawling up our stairs. His speech is gradually getting better. He has another MRI at the end of April. Please pray that he continues to respond to the chemo well and regains his motor functions, and that we will clear the chemo next week and continue to make progess. Thank you all for your continued and consistent prayers and support."

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