Sunday, November 22, 2009

A message from the Oxford family: "I thought I would send a quick
update on Nate, since many have asked how he is doing. The answer is
great. He is continuing to get stronger everyday. He still uses his
walker, but is starting to take steps. He feels great most days. We
are all enjoying less trips to Children's. We are excited that Nate's
wish was granted and we will be going to Disney World next month
thanks to Make A Wish. We are thanking God that this December will be
much better than last year as Nate was diagnosed last year on Dec. 20
and well, you all know the rest of the story. We are praying for
continued healing and trying to learn about what life might look like
for Nate as he grows. We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Your
prayers and love have carried us over the past year. We are so very
thankful to you all.
PLEASE remember the kids who are still fighting cancer and pray for
their families anytime you can. We know of two little boys who are
fighting tough battles right now with brain tumors. Please pray for
Matt and Ryan. Love you all!!! The Oxford Family"


  1. We continue to pray for Nate, and are so happy to see less trip to your children's hospital. We heard of your story after see Matt Nicolosi's Blog one day, and have continued to follow...even up here in Canada :) Thinking of you all !

  2. I am thanking God for his amazing grace! I get a big smile on my face picturing Nate with his Mickey Mouse ears on! Love y'all lots!

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