Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Making a Plan for Treatment

Wes provided the following update, "We met with the oncologist today, he went over the details of the clinical trial in detail. Very long to type out. Essentially this looks like a better route than what is currently available as far as treatments. Nate should start this new form of chemo within this next week and we will be staying up here much more than we previously thought. There is a chance we may go home tomorrow if everything goes good tonight to spend a few days at the house before chemo maybe on Monday—we find that out tomorrow. We still are working on the eating and walking. We are in information overload and just need some time to let it all sink in and prepare for the next leg of the journey. We truly love all of you: the emails, visits, food, cards, letters, gifts, prayers, and encouragement has been blowing us away. We know that this will be a faith victory that all can share with others. Without a doubt we know what God can do. We will know a little more tomorrow about the treatment start date and maybe going home for a few days. Thanks again to all of you."

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