Monday, October 11, 2010

Update from Jackie

"Nate has had a good week. His counts are continuing to trend upward, which is a good sign of recovery. The next big step is for him to start eating and drinking again. He is only taking sips at this point. His legs are very tight and weak because he has been in bed for several weeks and has gotten such intense treatment. Our prayer is for him to continue to get stronger everyday and make progress in these areas. Of course there is always the concern for infections and complications from the transplant, but he seems to be doing really well overall. We continue to be amazed and inspired by all the support for our family and Nate. Much Love, Jackie"


  1. We are so happy to hear such encouraging news! We're optimistic that THIS is Nate's miracle!
    Keep the faith and give those littles boys our love...Cindy and Steve

  2. Just wandering how Nate is doing. Best wishes, thoughts and prayers. Natalie

  3. I was thinking about little Nate today and haven't heard anything in awhile. Just wanted to see how he was doing. He has been such an inspiration to so many people, your whole family has. I pray the Lord is still working miracles within your family and little Nate!